How to submit your band to be considered for the Musikfest 2015 lineup


By Patrick Brogan, ArtsQuest’s Senior Vice President of Programming

ArtsQuest is now accepting submissions of artists interested in taking the stage at Musikfest 2015.  We’ve assembled some helpful tips to guide you interested folks through the process and put yourself in the best position for success.

1. SUBMIT! Sounds funny, right? But we can’t consider you if we don’t have any materials to do so. Even if you’ve submitted in the past and been rejected (or even accepted) submitting materials is the only way to ensure that you get consideration for this upcoming festival.

2. WE PREFER you submit through Sonicbids with an EPK (

3. IF YOU DON’T go through Sonicbids, you can submit for consideration using our online form or even by mailing us a press kit (Musikfest Search Committee, 101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, PA 18015). That said, we are obligated to ensure the Sonicbids submissions are carefully reviewed and we start there. If you send us a submission through any other form, there is no guarantee that we’ll get to spend as much time with it and when in the process that consideration will be given.

4. TIMING. Speaking of timing: SUBMIT EARLY! Right now even, after you are done reading this. Submitting near or at the deadline puts you amongst massive amounts of competition and by then we may already have half of the festival booked. Less competition, more slots exist from now through January so get going right now on submitting to us.

5. GETTING SELECTED. What are we looking for? There is no set answer to that other than a rather broad “something that will excite our audiences.” We’re looking for great music, not just good music, GREAT music. And a great live show. We receive more than 1,500 submissions for only about 100 spots or so. Your music needs to separate you from the pack and put you in the top 5-7% of submissions. We look for evidence of a strong and successful touring history – not just the same hometown bar once a month. We look for evidence that you are a great live band in addition to great music. Be sure to have some quality videos up somewhere easy for us to find that demonstrates how great you are live.

6. GETTING BACK TO YOU. Sonicbids provides a great platform that requires us to let you know if you are selected or not, or if we are interested or not. If you submit through our online form or via hard copy press kit, we will NOT be getting back to you in any way unless we are interested to pursue a booking at the festival or one of ArtsQuest’s other events. Submissions close on March 2 and we hope to have everyone booked by early April. If you don’t hear from us, feel free to contact us for feedback on what we liked or didn’t like, but please keep in mind that we will not be reaching out to anyone specifically other than to inform the Sonicbid submissions of their status.

That about covers it – We look forward to receiving your submission!

See you at Musikfest 2015 (August 7-16)!


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